A problem occurred assembling requested content. Response from the assembler was … FileNotFound

A problem occurred assembling requested content

Version Experienced in : Oracle Commerce Guided Search 11.0

Operating system : Linux


While trying to access the site from page server

What is the error?

14:11:23,212 ERROR [atg.endeca.assembler.AssemblerTools] (http-m.local.corp.com/  JSESSIONID:-cgEhieJhIYp+70-StFAk2+B.localhost, PROFILE_ID:2149665507, APACHE_UNIQUE_ID:null, SOURCE_IP:null, Client-Source-IP:null, A problem occurred assembling requested content. Response from the assembler was {previewModuleUrl=http://localhost:8006/preview, contentUri=/pages/CRS/home, @type=RedirectAwareContentInclude, atg:currentSiteProductionURL=null, canonicalLink=com.endeca.infront.cartridge.model.NavigationAction@302511ae, @error=FileNotFound}

What does error say?

The error says there the server could not reach out to the content of workbench OR filestorefactory(if used) . There could be various reasons behind

  1. Wrong host/port in AssemblerApplicationConfiguration –
    a) Look for the host and port in /atg/endeca/assembler/AssemblerApplicationConfiguration.properties  under following properties – defaultMdexPort,defaultMdexHostName and applicationKeyToMdexHostAndPort.
    b) Look for host and port in /atg/endeca/ApplicationConfiguration.properties under following properties – workbenchHost, workbenchPort. Also make sure <workbenchHost>:<workbenchPort> (localhost:8006) are accessible in browser
  2. Page/Content not present at the given location – In the experience manager by loading workbench via localhost:8006 , make sure the path under contentUri in error (/pages/CRS/home) is present
  3. Promote content not run – details in ‘fix’ below
  4. FilestoreFactoryConfiguration path issue – If filestoreFactory is implemented , check the ‘configurationPath’ property in the FileStoreFactory ATG component. And make sure the zip files are being extracted there alongwith the text file to point to the latest zip file.


In my case the issue was number 3. I ran the promote content script in Endeca and it fixed the issue.


  1. Anilal

    Same issue i am facing whike connecting to test1 xm from my local. But woking fine when
    Test1 site is connected to test1 xm. Any thoughts ?

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