How to update the configuration of a CAS recordstore

There are instances where we need to reconfigure/update the configuration of a CAS Recordstore. This might be needed during a migration, or updating the ID for the record store.

The reconfiguration of a CAS recordstore is  2 step process

Step 1:  Go to CAS bin directory – <Endeca-Installation>/CAS/11.0.0/bin

cd  <Endeca-Installation>/CAS/11.0.0/bin

Step 2 :  Run recordstore-cmd command

./ set-configuration -a CRS_en_data -f <Endeca-Installation>/apps/CRS/config/cas/CRS_sku_cfg.xml

This will update the configuration of CRS_en_data record stores with the configuration listed in CRS_sku_cfg.xml.

Sample config xml file (from oracle documentation – use only the configuration that you might need)

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?>
<recordStoreConfiguration xmlns=””>

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