What is Template in Hippo CMS

Please elabrate what is template how we use in freemarker and jsp


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  • Template

    A Template is a physical representation of a page that has been coded to get the specific information. There are 2 types of templates in HIPPO cms. One is freemarker template and the other is JSP template. One can select the type of template when we first run the project in essentials. The syntaxes and the place where we can access these templates are different for each type.

    Creation of template file

    Freemarker : Go to Projectfolder/bootstrap/webfiles/src/main/resources/site/freemarker

    JSP : Go to Projectfolder/site/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/jsp

    the respective folder and create the files and write the code.

    Configuring template

    This is the main step that has to be taken in account which is configuring the created template to get the changes visible in pages.

    Browse to cms/console

    choose : hst:hst


    project name


    create a node with a name and type hst:template. Then add a property with name hst:renderpath and set its value to the path to the file created.

    Now that you have added the template to console the next step is pointing it to the page so that we can browse the template in that relavant page.

    Uses of template

    • Formatting instructions for the text.
    • Definitions of hyperlinks .
    • Instructions for inserting images and sounds.
    • Programs or calls to other templates of same page.
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