While running baseline update from ATG dyn admin, baseline fails at SchemaExporter with 1 “Record failed” and in logs following is the error –

2020-03-27 15:26:14,546 ERROR [atg.commerce.endeca.index.ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin] (index-/atg/commerce/endeca/index/ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin) null Could not retrieve credentials from credential store. Cannot create connection to config repository

at atg.endeca.index.ConfigImportDocumentSubmitterSessionImpl.openConfigRepositoryImporter(

at atg.endeca.index.ConfigImportDocumentSubmitterSessionImpl.beginSession(

at atg.endeca.index.AbstractRecordStoreAggregateSession.getSessionForKey(

at atg.endeca.index.AbstractRecordStoreAggregateSession.getSessionForContext(

at atg.endeca.index.AbstractRecordStoreAggregateSession.getSessionForCurrentContext(

at atg.endeca.index.AbstractRecordStoreAggregateSession.submitRecord(

at atg.endeca.index.PerApplicationExporter.exportRecords(

at atg.endeca.index.PerApplicationExporter$1.performActionForApplication(

at atg.endeca.index.configuration.IndexingApplicationConfiguration.executeForEachApplication(

Navigate to /dyn/admin/nucleus/atg/endeca/ApplicationConfiguration/ in dyn admin and look for credentialStoreManager property – It should be something like this – /atg/dynamo/security/opss/csf/CredentialStoreManager.

Now navigate to  /atg/dynamo/security/opss/csf/CredentialStoreManager in dyn admin. Based on your current configuration, you may or may not have credentials created. I my case, we had existing creds :

If you already have an admin credential for ifcr, delete that by selecting the Delete credential in the dropdown.

This will make the credential selectable -> select it and click delete credential

Once this is deleted, add a new credential –

the username password is IFCR credentials of admin user you use to login to workbench.

Mayank Batra

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