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Unable to login to config repository site for user “admin”, status code: 401 – CasCmdException

Error – Creating crawl MyAppen-last-mile-crawl Error creating crawl MyAppen-last-mile-crawl: Unable to login to config repository site for user “admin”, status code: 401, Response: exiting with error. com.endeca.itl.cas.cmd.CasCmdException: Failed to create 1 or more crawls Failure to create crawl. Fix –Continue Reading

Baseline issue – SEVERE: Error starting baseline crawl ‘MyAppen-last-mile-crawl’.

Getting following error while running the Baseline update [01.15.20 11:47:44] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning. [01.15.20 11:47:44] INFO: Definition has not changed. [01.15.20 11:47:44] INFO: Starting baseline update script. [01.15.20 11:47:45] INFO: Acquired lock ‘update_lock’. [01.15.20Continue Reading

CAS service startup issue – hsqldb.db.HSQLDB69A1A1D959.ENGINE: could not reopen database

Getting below error while trying to start the CAS service. The CAS won’t start. logs at <Endeca-Installation>/CAS/workspace/logs/cas-service.log 2020-01-29 09:00:09,463 ERROR [] [main] com.endeca.itl.bootstrap.CasBootStrapServlet: Failed to initialize CAS: com.endeca.itl.ItlRuntimeException: java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: integrity constraint violation: unique constraint or index violation; SYS_PK_10030 table: HISTORY_CATALOGContinue Reading

How to create or delete a crawl (or last-mile-crawl) in Endeca CAS

To create a last-mile-crawl , run following command > cd <Endeca-installation>/CAS/11.3.0/bin/ > createCrawls -h localhost -p 8500 -f /data/apps/endeca/apps/MyApp/config/cas/last-mile-crawl.xml Created crawl MyAppen-last-mile-crawl Delete a crawl – > cd <Endeca-Installation>/CAS/11.3.0/bin/ > deleteCrawl -h localhost -p 8500 -id MyAppen-last-mile-crawl

How to read/export data from a Endeca CAS recordstore?

Following is the two step process to extract/read/export endeca record store into an xml Step 1:  Go to CAS bin directory – <Endeca-Installation>/CAS/11.0.0/bin cd  <Endeca-Installation>/CAS/11.0.0/bin Step 2 :  Run recordstore-cmd command ./ read-baseline -a CRS_en_data -f /tmp/logs/CRSRecordstore.xml This will export theContinue Reading