The LDAP integration allows users to use their LDAP credentials to login to workbench. The Workbench administrators can select the LDAP option in workbench while creating a user or group and add users from LDAP to workbench.
But there is bunch of configuration that is needed to achieve that. We will look out that config in this post.

  1. Update LDAP configurations
    • Open <ENDECA_TOOLS_CONF>/conf/login.conf
      Note – the path that tells endeca to use this login.conf file is defined in <ENDECA_TOOLS_ROOT>/server/bin/ file’s flag of JAVA_OPTS property
    • Uncomment the configuration parameters.
    • Update configuration parameters. These parameters and LDAP queries and filters are explained in this post
    • Save and close the file.
  2. Enable LDAP in Workbench :
    • Stop Endeca Tools service
    • Set com.endeca.webstudio.useLdap=true in <ENDECA_TOOLS_CONF>/conf/ file
    • Start Endeca Tools service

Its always helpful to have some help from ES team for any complex LDAP queries.

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