Oracle Endeca Guided Search version: 11.3.0

I faced the issue when importing the content (I wanted to import a new site, hence imported the pages directory). But got the following error :

<eac-app-folder>/control/ IFCR importContent pages /tmp/<appFolder>/pages
[09.24.19 13:39:09] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning.
[09.24.19 13:39:09] INFO: Definition has not changed.
[09.24.19 13:39:10] INFO: Packaging contents for upload…
[09.24.19 13:39:10] INFO: Finished packaging contents.
[09.24.19 13:39:10] INFO: Uploading contents to: http://localhost:8006/ifcr/gsadmin/v1/<app-name>/pages
[09.24.19 13:39:10] SEVERE: Caught an exception while invoking method ‘importContent’ on object ‘IFCR’. Releasing locks. Failed with error Bad Request (400): “Zip Payload contains files with disallowed extensions”


There could be various reasons (the wrong extension being the common one). But the best bet you have is to see the issue listed in Catalina logs. Go to <ToolsAndFramework-Installlation>/11.3.0/server/workspace/logs/catalina.out and see what error is it throwing.

In my case, the issue was that I was editing the filtestate.xml file using vim and my putty session got killed because of which there was an existing recovery file which was being referred by IFCR.
SEVERE: File ‘VC/.filterState.xml.swp’ with extension ‘swp’ is not allowed

I deleted that file. And it was all good.

Mayank Batra

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