[root@localhost content]# /data/apps/endeca/apps/MyApp/control/runcommand.sh IFCR importContent content /data/apps/endeca/apps/MyApp/config/import/content/

[11.06.19 20:21:47] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning.

[11.06.19 20:21:48] INFO: Updating provisioning for component ‘DailyReportGenerator’.

[11.06.19 20:21:48] INFO: Updating definition for component ‘DailyReportGenerator’.

[11.06.19 20:21:49] INFO: Definition updated.

[11.06.19 20:21:53] INFO: Packaging contents for upload…

[11.06.19 20:21:53] INFO: Finished packaging contents.

[11.06.19 20:21:53] INFO: Uploading contents to: http://localhost:8006/ifcr/gsadmin/v1/MyApp/content

[11.06.19 20:21:55] SEVERE: Caught an exception while invoking method ‘importContent’ on object ‘IFCR’. Releasing locks. Failed with error Bad Request (400):  “The following 1 validation failures occurred:[/sites/MyApp/content/MySite/Contents/CategoryPageContents/MyContents/featuredContent] Triggers must have both searchTerms and matchmode, or neither”

This is a bug with Oracle commerce guided search 11.3 . The issue comes when there is

“matchmode”: “MATCHPHRASE”

in the file in question –  <MyEndecaApp-directory>/Myapp/config/import/content/MySite/Contents/CategoryPageContents/MyContents/featuredContent/_.json

Delete the configuration “matchmode”: “MATCHPHRASE” from the _.json and run the import again.

For details about the bug and the patch, please refer following links –


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