In 11.3, there are some new functionalities as compared to 11.0 – namely projects, save and publish.

If all this work in tandem, it allows Merchants to use XM preview functionality effectively. The business users can work and save the changes in their respective projects over elongated time period without being worried about the changes going live in overnight deployments. Merchandisers would love this.

But How will it happen? One thing we need to understand is that we need to have a preview environment to make preview possible. Why? Because as you will see in a moment, we need to fix the previewUserState for the preview to work.

  • ATG Deployment changes –

    • Make sure to have a separate Endeca preview Env or if you have BCC preview environment, you can use the same for Endeca preview as well. This can be achieved by following changes –
      • atg.dynamo.layers=EndecaPreview
    • Add the Endeca preview Assembler layers in atg module layer dependencies
      • Add DAF.Endeca.Assembler and DCS.Endeca.Assembler to atg.dynamo.modules list
  • ATG Code Change

    • Override getProfileGroups() method of PreviewProfileUserState –

      • public Set<String> getProfileGroups(){
        DynamoHttpServletRequest request = ServletUtil.getCurrentRequest();
        String workspaceId = request.getParameter("workspaceId");
        if (workspaceId == null) {
           workspaceId = "";



Now you should be able to run preview from XM and business should see the change on save and preview.


Mayank Batra

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