Endeca Configuration Repository (or ECR) is a web app built on Apache sling (a framework for RESTful Web apps that helps map HTTP request URLs to content resources based on request’s path, extension, and selectors) that runs in Endeca Tools Service.

ECR uses a JSR-170-compliant JCR to store configs and configurations and tools (like XM, thesaurus, etc.). These configs and tools are then accessed via the workbench. Also, the control commands like set_media, set_editors_config, import_site and set_templates enable interactions with ECR.

The IFCR is a custom component (defined in WorkbenchConfig.xml) that specifies user information for an ECR which is running inside the workbench.

IFCR component configurations are used for defining repoURL, number of zip files backup, credentialKeys and are configured in WorkbenchConfig.xml

Mayank Batra

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