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Baseline failed with Could not retrieve credentials from credential store. Cannot create connection to config repository

ISSUE : While running baseline update from ATG dyn admin, baseline fails at SchemaExporter with 1 “Record failed” and in logs following is the error – 2020-03-27 15:26:14,546 ERROR [atg.commerce.endeca.index.ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin] (index-/atg/commerce/endeca/index/ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin) null Could not retrieve credentials from credential store.Continue Reading

Credentials store configuration file not found – Endeca

[mb403332@cmh1vlatgitl001u _ifcr]$<Endeca-installation>/ToolsAndFrameworks/11.3.0/credential_store/bin/ add –user admin –key ifcr   09 Mar 2020 13:35:42,875 ERROR ManageCredentialsTool:383 – Credentials store configuration file not found at ../../server/workspace/credential_store/jps-config.xml. You can only run manage_Credentials script from the bin directory so run this – cd <Endeca-installation>/ToolsAndFrameworks/11.3.0/credential_store/bin/ manage_credentials.shContinue Reading

StackOverflowError while running baseline update OR running updateStore from Dyn Admin while using weblogic

I have seen these errors often while running different triggers from ATG in ATG-Endeca Integration based setup. Some Examples are – While running baseline Update 19:58:52,199 ERROR [atg] ([STANDBY] ExecuteThread: ’14’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’) Unable to resolve component /atg/search/repository/BulkLoaderContinue Reading

How to Create or delete Endeca CAS recordstores ?

Create an Endeca CAS Recordstore – <CAS>/11.3.0/bin/ create-component -h <CAS-Host> -p <CAS-Port> -t RecordStore -n <record-store-name> Example <CAS>/11.3.0/bin/ create-component -h localhost -p 8500 -t RecordStore -n MyAppen-data Delete Endeca CAS RecordStore –  <CAS>/11.3.0/bin/ delete-component -h <CAS-Host> -p <CAS-Port> -n <record-store-name> Example <CAS>/11.3.0/bin/component-manager-cmd.shContinue Reading

Error during promote_content – Unauthorized access to workbench. Please check your credentials.

> [02.07.20 10:42:49] INFO: Checking definition from AppConfig.xml against existing EAC provisioning. [02.07.20 10:42:50] INFO: Definition has not changed. [02.07.20 10:42:50] INFO: Exporting MDEX tool contents to file [02.07.20 10:42:51] SEVERE: Failed to create zip file or theContinue Reading

Endeca baseline update issue/error – SEVERE: Utility ‘move_dgraph-input_to_dgraph-input-old’ failed.

Baseline update failed with following error – [01.29.20 10:28:39] SEVERE: Utility ‘move_dgraph-input_to_dgraph-input-old’ failed. Occurred while executing line 5 of valid BeanShell script: [[  2|  3|    AuthoringDgraphCluster.cleanDirs();  4|    AuthoringDgraphCluster.copyIndexToDgraphServers();  5|    AuthoringDgraphCluster.applyIndex();  6|  7|    LiveDgraphCluster.cleanDirs();  8|    LiveDgraphCluster.copyIndexToDgraphServers();Continue Reading